For Sale SOLD Buffalo NY: misc 78 FJ40 parts SOLD


Jun 18, 2018
Buffalo new york
Good day fellow Mudders. I have misc items (78 mostly) that i will not be using or don't really go on the 71. So I'm making room for my on going restoration. I want to make this simple so the number thing seems to work good. I have a wide variety of items that will be coming up also so follow along for the ride. The prices DO Not include shipping. You will pay actually shipping which will be the cheapest that the post office will give me. If you need something faster of course that increase will be added to price. I use paypal, sorry that's all i have. I will post up additional pics of items if needed but the list will mention any issue that said number might have but i might have missed something also
Two things Fellow Mudders.
1st-shipping is crazy now Not my fault. Please keep this in mind when calling dibs on of the larger item. Thanks in advance.
2nd-Mudders when inquiring please include your zip to expedite shipping quotes.
Thanks Guys and good luck.

#1- Hood stand - 5$ good patina
Sold #2-Hinges-4pc- 30$- solid
#3-Kick vent w/pins-10$- Has rust on both but workable
Sold-#4 wiper motor w/cover and two sets of arms-50$ I have not tested.
I work to much.
#5-Gas petal 45$ w/mount, spring and connecting rod, has a boot but has cracks.
Pending payment
#6- 3-Air intake pulls- 60$
pending payment Two warm and one fresh. All slide back and forth, one warm pull has a loose end cap. Opposite knob side, pic attached for your viewing pleasure.
Sold-#7- Air intake housing and horn 100$.
Started to clean it up, but it doesn't go to my 71FJ40 and i work 7 days a week. Don't ask, I'm NUTS i know. Just a means to an end.
Sold #8-Def Vents- 45$ for set. no screws. No cracks.


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