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Feb 22, 2011
United States
SOLD!!!! 1993 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser - $8000 SOLD!!!!


This rig has served me well. Originally bought in California with about 140,000k miles, driven out south to Mississippi, then Louisiana, and now Arkansas. I never had the intention of selling it and dropped a lot of time and money in maintaining and building it. Unfortunately, times have changed and this one needs to go!

This rig has been wheeled very mildly. I have never rock crawled it; I have gone through the mud a few times and definitely taken it out on old forest logging roads, but that’s about it. It mostly has spent its life as a family hauler, travel vehicle, and camp vehicle.

I built this with the idea to be very utilitarian. Nothing too fancy, even thought It was a luxury vehicle originally. For example, I took out the leather arm rests on the doors to replace with rubber ones from a ‘91. I took the leather off the shifter lever and steering wheel to have rubber only. I liked it to look well used for a lot of reasons, mainly to be left alone and not draw too much attention. There is very little to no rust on the underside and the vehicle in general. The pictures do not do it justice, what looks like rust is just dirt I cannot get off. Like Solo said, “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts”. That’s how I often described her to buddies who asked questions.

Here are the details.


· 1993

· Full Float Rear

· Old style dash

· A442F transmission (bus tranny)

· 1FZ-FE

· Approx. 212k miles


· Complete front end rebuild aprox. 12,000 miles ago. Used MAF Kit.

o All Complete Koyo Bearings

o All seals

o New Fluids and Palladium Grease

· Rebuilt ALL brake Calipers

· ALL 4x new U joints

· HD Marlink set and tie rod ends and OME steering stabilizer

· CB antenna ball mount wired up ready for radio. Antenna and spring not included

· 1/0 Heavy duty welding wire complete overhaul. Includes battery wires, all grounds, to alternator, etc.

· Interstate Battery with military terminals (don’t remember sixe but its huge, I can look up if really interested

· Iron man 2in suspension lift installed at approx. 150k miles

· 33 BFG KO installed approx. 20k miles ago

· All cloth manual seats to include third row

· Red LED dash lights

· Raven Tai coolant temp mod

· Rebuilt rear axle on driver side

· Mobile 1 High mileage 10w40 oil used since bought.

· Distributor cap o ring, PVC valve, Crank Shaft seal, and Oil pump seal all replaced approx. 20k miles ago

· Transmission flushed using Beno method approx. 20k miles ago

· Ac converted to R134A

· Brand new radiator fan

· Fan clutch modded with 10000 cc fluid

· Factory roof rack removed and does not leak

· Window up mod

· Antenna works

· Relatively new radiator brass core red coolant only

· Power steering flush done approx. 20k miles ago

· Have remote for factory alarm system (don’t know if that’s a bonus but it’s there)

· Both O2 sensors new, replaced with Denso units. 20k miles ago

· New fusible links replaced 20k miles ago

· Starter completely rebuilt with all OEM parts (is the higher amperage bigger cold start starter)

· “D” light works and Ih8mud sticker! That’s a couple hundred right there alone added to the price.

· I am sure there is a lot more that I cannot think of right now


· Burns oil about a quart between each oil change of 7,500 miles

· Paint needs redone as the clear coat is coming off on all “top parts of the vehicle”, I never cared about it as I like it to look a little dumpy so people would leave it alone. I rarely if ever washed the outside of the vehicle which probably didn’t help

· Front diff pinion bearing needs replaced. I have driven with it like it is; it just vibrates between 50-60 ish mph

· Was a salvage title, now properly titled I have been driving it since 2011.

o If I had to guess, I would say fender bender on driver side as the front drivers side is a 91-92 panel with flare and mud flap. It drives straight and I have never had any issues with it. It is issued as normal titled vehicle.

· Sun cracked dash but this is pretty common for these vehicles due to age

· Some minor cracking on windshield, all have been filled. Nothing major, but they are there.

· Cracked dash face plate right below cluster

· Engine light comes on and off periodically for a 71 EGR code if I remember correctly. I have replaced the O2 Sensors, but it runs fine.

· Unfortunately, I have no papers for documented maintenance on the vehicle.


· Tuff Stuff tent with annex.

· Fox Wing awning

· Battery tray

· Custom Confer rack. I have used this rack for a long time, but its welds look okay. It was stick welded but it has held everything I have thrown up there. Which is a lot.

I would prefer not to separate these items.

Like I said, built for utilitarian use, wheeled lightly, great vehicle to drive and build up.

I am located in Arkansas, US of A.

More pictures upon request.


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