sold 62 getn a 80, will it be familiar wrenchin?

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Jun 13, 2008
Price Utah
I finaly sent the 62 off to a new home:frown:, and think I have an FZJ 80 moving my direction:clap:. The 62 was a great rig with alot of character but I need the additional seats and my life style doesnt allow me to cruise at the 62 pace. How is wrenching on the 80 compared to the 62? Is a tranny cooler as highly recomended on the 80 as it is on the 62? Is the inner axle seal the same process as on the 62? Does the 80 have the same issue with locks and window contacts? Just give me a feel as to similar and dissimilar items require attention on the 80 vs. the 62. Here are some of the items that my 62 entertained me with.

high beam contacts
tranny cooler
ome lift
tie rod & drag links
windows and locks (added relays slc cruiser)
inner axle seal and bearings
rear axle seal
oil galley plug
No leaf springs on an 80. :)

Front axles are basically the same, except for an ABS sensor in the knuckle.
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PHH and heater valve are good to be aware of.
they seem to fail when you are alone and far from home...

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