For Sale SOLD---2001 LC, Philly Area, 203k mi, ARB Bumper: Lowered Price

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United States
After much back and forth, I’ve decided to sell our 2001 LC. I thought we would have kept this car forever, but just had a baby and I work at a VW dealership that just had a too good to pass on employee lease for a new Atlas. I bought it from the second owner in April of 2017 with 182k miles on it. He bought it with 29k miles on it when it was 3 years old from Toyota as a Certified Preowned. I have a large folder of the prior owners service records as well as a listing of what I have done since owning. I have the factory bumper in my garage as well as the factory wheels and tires(decent tread on them). 2 key fobs and owners manual.
-ARB Front Bumper
-T-Belt done at 183k as soon as i got the car
-Dec of 2018 I had it treated with por 15, rubberized undercoating and waxoil applied.
-Current Tires measure 7/32’s and 6/32s. Current Brakes measure 7/32 Front 10/32 Rear
-just replaced all the speakers(including Sub), Bluetooth module run through cd changer port(I also have the ashtray to go back in). Runs so smooth.
-Clean Car Fax
-I have both 3rd row seat, almost never sat in
-The bad: Small dent on both rear quarter panels(see pics) from previous owner and small spot behind rear pass side door(see pic), small rip in drivers seat(pics).****working on posting additional pics****


Any questions or additional pics please let me know.
exterior 1.jpg
exterior 2.jpg
interior 2.jpg

exterior 6.jpg

interior 1.jpg
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Still available, Just lowered price.
I'm interested. It looks terrific and the miles are higher than I wanted but it looks like it's in better condition than most that I see with less miles. I'm in West Chester. Any chance you still have it and I could check it out this weekend?
Hey, pending sale tomorrow morning with a guy driving down from central mass. I’ll update this post tomorrow.
Sorry for the delayed post, but I checked this LC out myself and drove it and it's exactly as described. Drove quite well. Unfortunately buying a new place to live >>> second car. If you already sold it, congrats man.

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