***SOLD*** 1997 LX450 for sale.

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United States

I have one Landcruiser Too Many.1997 Lexus LX450, with 145,391 miles. $9800

It has been my wife's daily driver, and has been a great truck, but needs to find a new home. In the last year it's had new belts, raditor - engine block flush, Pesky Heater Hose Changed, a problem in the 1997 cruisers (http://www.1fzfephh.com), all new fluids in both diffs and transmision, new spark plugs, cap and rotor - full tune up. New Optima Red top battery. This truck does not have lockers.

See all the photos here:http://www.cruisercrap.com/lx450/

E-mail me for details mark@mellonwerch.com

Located in Austin, Texas

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