soft top to hard top ?

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Apr 4, 2004
Ste Genevieve missouri
I have a tiger top and just wanted to know if you had to remove the snaps that are around the top of the tub before you mounted the hard top back on. It would seem to be a pain in the ass to have to take them all off. Thanks, Bill
I think it all depends on how low on the body the snaps are. I ran my hardtop with the snaps on for a while, but I didn't have the same soft top as you.
i would remove them. im switching permanently to a hard top and im removig them all, but if it is jsut fo ra little while i woudln't
Take them off

I had to take the snaps off on mine. They interfered with the top. If you go hard top you wont want the soft top back. You can still take the hard top off and it is much warmer and quieter. There were some posts some time ago about building a lift system for your hard top as they are awkward and weigh about 250 pounds.
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