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I purchased a soft top from SOR and I have owned it for a year now. Everytime that it rains water pools up in the front on the passenger side. I have tightened it up but it still puddles up. Have any of you had this happen. Thank you.


I had the same problem on my old Kayline. always over the front a big ass puddle after a rain.
and it flapped and generally had crappy tensioning. I found a 50cent fix for it though, I picked up a piece of dowling, 1/4 inch I think it was, and wrapped the front edge of the top around it, then slid that into the aluminum extrusion on the windshield frame.
once it was in, I could pull on any area on the inside to tighten it up, and it's great now. been that way for 6 months, no more puddle.
(dunno if this would work on yours, just thought it was a useful tidbit)
and, theres something else jeep guys had, a little fiberglass batten that popped in and bowed the top up to stop pooling...
Oct 11, 2002
Denver, CO
As I'm not familiar with how these soft tops are there some form of support bar or rod located right behind/above the front seats?

If so, this may help...

Back in the Marine Corps, we had the same problem with many of the soft tops on our Hummers. Our fix was to order in some 1/4" round stock. We would drill 3 or 4 1/4" holes across the A (windshield frame) & B pillars, and then measure the distance between each pair of holes.

We would cut the 1/4" round stock about 3" longer, bend about an inch of either end down at a roughly 90* angle, and bow the center slightly. Once we had all our newly fabbed cross-pieces installed, we would test fit the soft top. If there was still a little excess play--that we couldn't work out by bowing the cross-pieces a little--we would weld washers on either end to keep the cross-piece from dropping all the way in to the 90* bend.

The tension of the soft top will generally keep them from rattling, but if you find that one does, you can steal the rubber bushing off of a well-nut, drill the hole out a little, and use that to quiet things down.
Nov 17, 2002
If you really hate the puddle just poke a hole in your top and have the passenger hold a bucket :D OK so maybe Im the only one who will thats funny.

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