Soft Top for 60 Series?

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Jan 18, 2020
Cary, NC
Anyone here ever modified or have seen a 60 with a soft top (roof removed from the drivers seat back)? I saw a cool 1st generation 4Runner with a Bestop Tigertop soft top. Sacrilegious to remove the roof off of a 60 ?? (I get it, Ive had an 80, 100 and now a 200).
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it's been done once or twice ;)

Picture shamelessly stolen from these guys: Restored Toyota Land Cruiser Images -
I have the dream to put a full VW van style sunroof/soft top on the 60. Unfortunately I just don’t think I can do it given how clean the body is. .. it would be for shame. I still might do it one day 😁
I had a Jeep CJ8 Scrambler...had a hard top + soft top and it kicked ass!!

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