soft top / bimini / drive in rain better - buy or make

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Aug 25, 2009
Milton, DE USA
Greetings and thanks for any help. Assume this may have been discussed but I have no idea what to call it.

I have Bestop soft top - and frame - system for my 73 FJ40 as well as the bimini top. When hard top comes off in the spring I run with the bimini on/off and all is good. I keep Best Top doors (top and bottom) in back - sometimes on sometimes off.

Heres problem - rain - I cant stand the damn work it takes to put the frame on or off and I dont like the way truck looks when leaving Best Top frame on. Its not the same. Plus putting the top on even with the frame on is a pain (call me lazy if you want).

It seems to me that a Bimini top type of cover that went over the roll bar, had clear plastic rear window and went all the way down to the rear tailgate would mostly solve my problem. Add to that fabric that went down the sides and slid into the soft top rails as well slightly over the best top doors and I would be golden.

Is there any thing out there like that? Does anybody get the picture or should I uplaod drawings?

Again, thanks for any help.
Bimini tops are on boats.
Bikinis are on Landcruisers
A Bimini Top (Made by Ehsan)

A Bikini Top (this is an OCD one)
For one thing, you can drill out the pins in the bow assembly bases that are mounted on the tub by screws - and replace the pins with clevis pins. Pull out the clevis pins and the frame comes out, leaving the bow assembly bases still mounted. Less work.
SOR bikini w/duster called the "Extreme Plus Summer Top"
Hey Johnny!

I LOVE this color. Is this a Dune Beige 416 or some kind of olive? I am trying to decide on colors and love that Dune Beige, but am torn between that and some sort of light olive. Thanks!

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