soft doors wont latch

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Mar 5, 2006
So i tried to mount up the soft doors on the 40 today in hopes that spring is here to stay... but what i found is that the latch on the door isnt anywhere close to latching on the door stop..

hopefully these pics do a better job of explaining....

how do i fix this?
latch 2 resized.jpg
latch resized.jpg
first photo is the door sligthly ajar.
second photo is with the door completely closed.

Note: door weatherstripping is not affecting how far the door will close.
I ordered those doors and they came with a catch for that type of latch.
I had to add flat washers to space mine out. The passenger door kept flying open on bumps. My wife was not pleased.:eek:
Same problem here, should of mentioned that in my first post. The catches are a crap design, I wouldn't pay money for them (again anyway). If they want to charge you for them I'd say no thanks, and make a decent set myself.
You can use the catches but you will have to put a spacer behind them.
That's the striker I was sent, it doesn't fit a properly, you have to put a spacer behind it.
They work fine for me for both soft doors and half doors - maybe your tub is tweaked?
Same problem here. I just got irritated that someone sells a product that clearly doesnt fit right and threw the doors back in my crawlspace. I need to take them out and try again.
Tub is as standard as, could you show us a pic of your latches?
Bump...I am having the same issue. Please kindly post some pics of the Specter striker plate or any custom hand made ones. Thanks in advance.
Made mine out of aluminum angle iron, I had original steel ones but they squeaked so bad going down the road I tried the aluminum ones and they work great, (Best Top doors )


This is why I hate the expensive soft doors, most of the time I use a cheap pair with the hookey latches. They are much less irritating than the expensive door latches, and my wife can open and close them with ease.

Now I have a set of half doors a friend made. I'll worry a lot less about errant tree limbs impaling my thigh with a couple of layers of steel between me and the world.
Thanks for the responses and pics. I used some 1/2" aluminum channel to create my own striker plates. They came out good and works well. (Best Top doors also).

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