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Jan 29, 2003
Just wanted to see if there was anyone that had nothing to do next weekend and really enjoyed laying sod because I will be hosting a sod laying party. Finally dot the ground ready and the borders and sprinklers realy. I will provide the drinks, donuts and lunch. If you would like to have a great time let me know and what you drink and I will get it.

i can help.... only done it twice.....but i can help...
Hope you are ordering your sod from Pacific Sod, they seem to have the best price/sqft, and they deliver to this area on Tues & Wed. Don't get the sod that was/is grown on a sand base, needs to be a clay base. 2yrs ago I put down 1500sqft, Good Luck, I'd like to be there, but I'll be working 1/W.
PS - let me know if you need an edger and/or a mower, Jim
You thinking Saturday or sunday and what time?
Just want to thanks to Bill, Kevin, Chad, Jerome, John for coming over and helping get it done. Even though the grass didnt arrive until 10:30, we got it done really quick. Thanks again and I could not of got it done without ya.
I need to do the same thing. Got a connection on a good supplier for the (say this like cheech or chong would) grass, man?
Thanks. Now I need to get a grass thingy that cuts out the old grass and then till everything up. Bummer.
thats is worth the money tooi used it on my yard. it was quick and we only used it for 1/2 a day. the trick is too cut under the net that was from the old grass. now i used hydro grow its a local company that sprays in the seed and topping and this is my lawn in2 1/2 weeks. worth the money.
Most rental companies rent Sod Cutters.

They as pretty darn heavy so a trailer is a good thing to use to haul it. You cannot just throw it in the back of the truck like a lawnmower.

Thanks. Now I need to get a grass thingy that cuts out the old grass and then till everything up. Bummer.
MY lawn is pre netting and it is about 20 different types of grass. Really sucks especially in the winter when half dies and the other doesn't. THen in the summer, some grass needs lots of water while other areas don't. I either dry out an area or drown another.
mine was like that then i rented a sod cutter and got rid of all of that. then you can round up your ground but then you got to wait for i think 10 days before you can seed or put sod down. but that will kill any weeds and stuff.

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