For Sale [SoCal] - 40 Series License Plate Wiring Harnesses - Two different versions.

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Aug 14, 2006
Oceanside, CA
I have three versions of the OEM license plate wiring for the 40 series. Two still have the OEM part number tag intact. The third is a newer model with an additional plug that I assume goes to the side marker?

$40 each plus shipping.

2022-01-23 15.03.03.jpg

and Still #1
2022-01-23 15.03.43.jpg

And Number #2
2022-01-23 15.05.51.jpg

Still #2
2022-01-23 15.05.33.jpg

And the newer one:
2022-01-23 15.07.36.jpg
I'm interested in the newer one please - confirm that female plug is a 3 way bullet connector? (I believe that's the correct term)

@777Gage do you mean the black looking plastic plug at the top? Or do you mean for the exposed wire to license plate lights themselves?
@777Gage Upon closer inspection, someone had left a bullet connector in the harness. it is a double female connector for two male bullet connectors on the license plate side.

2022-01-25 16.20.36.jpg
It think it could clean up nicely, and looks like what I need, let me know what you need and I'll pay for it, any way to include shipping in that to 91321?
PM sent
Newer one is sold. The two early ones are still available. Thanks @777Gage
Pm sent Blake!
@777Gage - Glad that worked out! Apprecite you helping me clean up my work bench!

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