Parting Out SoCal 1997 FJ80 Land Cruiser

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I have one. Call me today for a Sunday pickup. It is identical to the last one
Yes, this is the one that plugs in through your door panel. I have a few of them.
see your private message.
Anyone grab the headlights yet or the rear section of the rear flares? Would be shipped to 59714
headlights are gone, which side for the rear flares, or both?
Please see your personal message
Yes I do. It is in good shape. $80 + shipping. If you want to drive up for it, I have a couple seats in the San Diego area to pick up and can allow you $20 off the price of the driveshaft for bringing the seats up.
I am only guessing, but from experience I would say about $35.
I sure do. $85, and I may be able to get a free ride to Oceanside or Solana Beach based on some purchases I am making within a few days.
Yes I do. Please see your personal message.
Need outside rear view mirrors, wheels, lefft front fender, left front fender flare, right headlamp,trim piece above the bumper. left turn signal.

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