SOLD SOCAL: 100 Series Radflo 2.5" Remote Res extended travel shocks -- $200 (1 Viewer)

Jul 7, 2014
Alright I'll get to the pricing first, these are priced cheap because one of the rears needs a new ball joint, and none of the mounting hardware or bushings is included.

But! I will ship the shocks to you no cost, or, I can ship the shocks directly to radflo to have the one shock repaired, and bushings/hardware added, then they can ship to you, or they can ship to me then I can ship to you at no cost. Whatever is easiest. Some of the lines have some rubbing on the braids, no damage to any of the lines other than cosmetically. If you want, radflo can replace the lines as well so that is an option.

The reason the ball joint is all boogered up, is that when I had the shocks installed. The shop installing them either chose not to, or forgot to install anti-seize on the rear lower shock mounts. Subsequently the ball joints froze to the shock mounts and I had to grind the ball joint off to remove it.

The other rear shock is okay because it has already been rebuilt. After a mistake on my end (pinched the line), I went to pull the shock off to have it repaired and found the ball joint was frozen on. I ground it off, and had radflo replace the line as well as the ball joint and continued on for another 10k or so miles.

I'm offering these up for cheap in case someone wants to buy these as-is for a good deal and do all the work, or since I have already repaired one, I can assist in repairing the other.

The 3 other shocks are in pretty good shape overall, rears have minor pitting on the rods, fronts are clean. Ball joints on those 3 are in good shape. Shocks were great on my lifted 100, but after a while, combined with e rated tires I found them to be a little stiff and overkill for the direction I'm taking the truck currently and its use.

Adjustable knobs work great and make a big difference between full stiff and full soft. These are the extended length versions to be used with aftermarket UCA's. I've ran these with total chaos UCA's as well as SPC's and they work great with both.

If these don't sell as-is, I will fix the rear shock and re-list for market price. Just one 2.5" remote res front is $400. You get everything for $200 shipped.

Any questions, let me know. Thanks! I have more photos as well.





Jul 9, 2012
South KC
Shoot me shaft extension lengths. I’m interested in them as is. The rear one is the one that has been cut? Correct.


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