SOB wouldn't come down on the price!

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Jun 22, 2006
Southern Utah
I just picked this up a couple of weeks back, someone that lives somewhat close got my number from a friend and called asking if I wanted another cruiser, he warned me it had been sitting for years.. so I went and took a look at it, this bastard would not come down one cent, NOT ONE.. so I gave him the $250 he was so ruthlessly demanding for this 76, I drained the fuel tank, rinsed it out, dried it, put some gas in, threw in another battery, primed the carb and it fired right up, (the coolant was nice green after all that time) I am still laughing at the look of his face when I drove it out of his pasture 2 hours later, then all the way home.. when I got home my wife told me he called, and was pretty annoyed, saying he should have asked for a lot more and that he is conjuring up a special curse just for me! lol.. it was parked in that spot for almost 5 years ago and never started or moved once.. EVERYTHING works, even the light in the light switch.. I did a complete rebuild on the head, Holley carb, fresh air intake, new skins and rims, some lights up front, and new oil all the way around.. I love this country! BTW, it also came with most every manual from the factory manuals for this year to MAF catalogs.. there has to be a good 15 pounds of manuals and catalogs!

2 weeks later here it is, it purrs like a fat happy cat, everything is VERY tight.. trans, transfer case is quiet and shifts easy, balls joints are tight, no axle leaks I still smile every time I think about this deal.. AND I even went and took Tom out playing the dirt today.. he is a great guy and glad I have another 40 to love (seems my wife thinks it belongs to her now! lol)

A little knowledge goes a long way! Congrats.

The amazing thing is the brakes work after that long of a period of inactivity. If it sat like that for 5 years around here, they would be rusted and frozen. Even with the Utah climate, 5 years, wow! Thats durable!
That's a steal. Go back and give him more dosh so you can sleep at night. (I would.)
Way to go!

Did the same thing 20 yrs ago. A cousin called me up & told me about a "Jeep" in this guys back yard that was for sale cheap.

Grabbed fuel can, some tubing, a battery and basic tools. $75.00 and a sign-off of the title. Drove it out of his back yard after 20 minutes of fiddling around. He ran out a his house issuing explanatives about my ancestors demanding "His cruiser" back!

It's funny how sellers start these transactions thinking how they just douped you and end in them feeling gilted!

FYI: I slept great cause at the time, $75 was the some total of my discretionary income!!
You should wear a mask! Good deal for sure. I thought I got my 74 for a good deal at 1500 12 years ago! I did pick up a 63 Nissan Patrol for 500 with a plow yesterday. Good deal in my eyes and the seller was happy so, there ya go.

I wouldn't feel bad about it you got a hell of a deal. I would feel insulted for him to call and complain. A deal is a deal.
Dear God what a deal---lucky dog! You know I always said that when my ship came in I was at the airport!!:crybaby:
A great day for you!!!! Nice find! :cheers:
:bounce2:Merry Christmas Man;:bounce:

That's a great story. I envy you dry-climate country boys--there's a potential steal behind every barn.
Around me I'm always getting offered 3x's what my rig is worth by some clueless yuppie.

No WAY, I don't believe that story for a minute. Nobody could be THAT foolish to sell a rig like that for so cheap...and if it IS true, you really should be ashamed of yourself. Lucky mutha_ucker.

About the brakes, I dragged a '70 FJ40 out of a guy's yard in BFE Upstate NY one time, it had been sitting there for maybe 5 years also in the NY weather, and the brakes ALSO were the firmest brakes I ever felt. SOMEHOW, they stayed intact. It also started with fresh gas and a carb swap. My brakes in my Pig get squishy over the winter if I don't massage them regularly.

Oh, I couldn't drive it because the frame had dissolved to nothing, but paid $500, the minimum you SHOULD have paid if you weren't intentionally swindling that poor, blind and deaf man who sold it to you. Lucky bastard.

I turned around and sold it to some pigeon in Texas who actually paid $800, and had it shipped!! I tried to warn him...

Just so I'm clear; I hate you, but if the same offer came my way, I'd try to talk him down, too!

Enjoy, lucky SOB.
Mine was similar, sat from '85 to '07!, tires held air, the brakes worked amazingly well (parking brake too!), antifreeze was nice and green, gas ank was rusted through. I replaced the tank and battery chased out the squirrels and frogs and stuff, removed the poision ivy car cover and the bath tub in the back of it and it fired up!! BTW the carb looked like a toilet at a sports stadium (post game) but it would idle nobody's business. Of course to make it sound I had to do a whole lot more, but sitting for 22 years outside in NE and start pretty much right up is just amazing. I guess that's why we love these things. Oh ya I traded two bottles of wine and a case of bud lite for it!
In all fairness though it was a buddies rig, and he just wanted to see it be used.

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