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Oct 12, 2003
can anyone give me a list on what "should" be needed to do a SOA on a 71 fj40?
so far i got this
2)drop pitman arm
3)longer rear driveshaft
do i need longer front driveshaft? do i need new spring pirches? anything else i'll need thanks for all of your help and quick responces.
A five gallon bucket full of fifties would help out a lot...

Good luck!

How about some metal fab tooling, ie.

Torch rig
Drill motor
Air compressor
A well stocked tool box

And the most important..

A very well stocked fridge of beverages...

Good luck!

hahaha, all joking aside you'll also need spring perches, longer brake lines, longer shocks, double steering arm with related mods, maybe a cut-n-turn, bigger tires and with that maybe new rims, then you'l be wanting power steering, lower gears and a roll cage, its all downhill from here.
i think the others are ribbin ya cause if you need to ask something like that you obviously need to do alot more homework. have a go at the tech section here, lots of info on SOA's
Do a SH*t load more research... you have to modift steering, I went Hysteer, Brake lines, shocks, If you have stock steerign you have to runt he front shocks upside down without boots, you need to turn the rear pumpkin up, you need to cut and turn the knuckles, both driveshafts with C/V in the rear, and possibly in the front. and then the basics what you said, ubolts, perches, crap like that.

Then there is the other that you are SOA, what else do you have to change. YOu need tires/wheels, you have high a** gearing now, and need to go lower, you will start snapping birfs with bigger tires, want to go P/S.

As I said...Just do more reasearch... I "F"ed myself and didnt do enough research a while back, and ended up paying someone bank to do my SOA, and going broke. Still paying sh*t off.
definetly more research. I"ve been reading SOA posts/tech sites for almost a year. I've never seen two the same. Even if I had the $4k sitting there I still don't know how I want to do it. Have fun though. When there's a torch, there's a way.
its for a freind , (i got my cruiser) he was asking and i knew u guys would know. way too much work for me to do myself. but thank 4 the help
It really isn't that much work. A friend and I had my front done in about 6 hours with a shackle reversal. Getting ahold of the right tools makes all the diff. You would need a welder (and in my instance, someone who knows how to run it), a tourch, and the most handy thing we used, .... A Magnetic drill press.

Parts and peices but don't be afraid. Use the tech section. I have read all the installs on the SM420 at least 4 or 5 times and am now ready to start mine.


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