SOA w/ 2 1/2" lift springs

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Better install a strong roll cage :0
We routinely use 2.5 inch lift springs in the rear of our SOA conversions.

To counteract typical rail end sag.

We do not normally put them in the front.

One of the guys here is running "4 inch lift" in the rear... after the first run... coming back over 75 miles of hard trail with 2 moose in the back of the rig.... they are 2.5 inches of lift now :)

When I have my aux load coils installed, I sit roughly the way 2-3 inch lift springs would sit.

My FJ40 SOA (60 axles) is sitting on 2.5" Old Man Emu lift springs (albeit with modified packs). We've used various lift springs in countless SOA's, FJ40, FJ45, BJ70, FJ60, etc. I'll snag some pics.

All rigs running SOA with lift springs packs. You'll notice the one thing they all have in common, heavy trucks!
RS_JAN_09 067 (Medium).jpg
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The springs in this truck are supposed to be OMEs which makes them either 2.5"
lift or 4", looks more like 4" to me. I want to take some of that excess lift out and soften the suspension, too. The tires are 33x12.50x15 BFG MTRs
Copy of Blue Truck 18 Mar 2007 008.jpg
Copy of Blue Truck 18 Mar 2007 003.jpg
Copy of Blue Truck 18 Mar 2007 007.jpg
Here is your Blue Rig next to DieselCruiserheads tent trailer, if that is the one you are talking about.

Thats the one :cool: Its running CS001F front springs (as is) and CS017RA/RB rear springs (minor mods)

Here is another shot of OME-SOA equipped rigs (my FJ40 and a customers BJ70)
IMG_0263 (Medium).JPG
Like Kurt said.... heavy trucks with SOA conversions... Lift sprigs work well... we load hevy and then work long rough trails.

I forgot... we have an FJ60 and an FJ62 running roughly 2.5 inch lift springs and SOA too.

We tend toward larger tires around here than in many other places. 36x12.5s are little tires on our runs.

Thanks for the pictures and comments. I'm not going to be loading my rig up that heavy, so I guess I'll stick to the SOA with stock lift springs. Al

Here's my truck with SOA and stock springs. Running 37" tires with only a slight trim to the forward section of the rear fender wells.

Usually have a hi-lift, spare tire, cooler, and a small box with tools and a spare birf.

I'm fairly new to this and getting ready for my own rebuild of an 81 FJ40. I'm just curious what the benefit is of doing an SOA conversion? Thanks.
depends on your wheeling styles. A lot of lift will ford deep water and aid in big boulder fields. ( Also great to work on )
A low center will improve climbs and descents and sidehills. Higher lifts also effect road manners
which is a consideration if you don't trailer your vehicle
Great article RacerDave. Thanks for the link. Seems like every time I find an answer to one question to help me make a decision about which way I want to go it only brings up about 50 more that I never thought of. :doh:

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