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Dec 13, 2002
Knee deep in hookers and gin
I finally got the time to work on my own junk today. I chased down my wiring problems, (no power to the injectors during cranking) mounted the fuse boxes and took 'er for a drive. Still having fuel delivery problems so I built a surge tank with a higher pressure and higher volume pump. I will install it later this week with a adjustable fuel pressure regulator I'm making as described on

I was disappointed on the brief ride at the flex. the front end moves OK, but the back was way too stiff. i was climbing frozen snow piles left over from the plows and just couldn't get it to flex well. I decided the time was right to swap out the new Dar springs for a SOA. I took my old stockers and took out the bottom two leaves. I had the mopar spring perches left over from another job. Took about two hours to have everything bolted up. i still have to finish weld in the perches and fab up some shock mounts. I also need to build a anti-wrap bar.

The ride and the flex are 100% better. It sits damn near the same height, but moves way better. I'm going to have to make dropped bump stops, where before I couldn't get it to stuff anywhere near the wheel wells.

A good day. Thanks for the day without students, MLK Jr. :cheers:
Dec 22, 2002
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Here you go:


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