soa steering a wwwwagon fj60

Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
ok i need to do somthin with my steering for an soa on fj60 i found this at and i was wonderin if i could use this for my steering i dont even know where it goes??? i got everything hammered out excpet for the steering... and i dont have much money to spend... like 100,150 max..


Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
That link opened up a sway bar disconnect....? ??? Have you read the tech articles on SOA? If not, go do it! IH8MUD Tech Articles Rob Blumel's articles are EXTREMELY informative. Anyway, after you read them you can decide which way you want to go. I just did an SOA on my FJ60 and also didn't have much money to spend. I chose to have my stock steering arms heat treated and bent upwards and re-drilled for "top-side" Tie Rod mounting. Anyway, to have them treated and bent etc it cost $75 plus shipping. This included heat, bend, treat and re-drill the steering arms and re-drill the passenger side Tie Rod End so the relay rod end can mount in its opposite side as it will now run opposite what it used to because the tie rod will attach on the top side of the steering arms instead of the bottom side. The place that did it was Over The Hill 4x4 in Oregon. The guy goes by "W" and they run the arms on BIG A$$ rigs. Check out the site and give 'em a call. One thing to note was that though they said the arms would work with stock length rods, mine required shortening the Tie Rod by 1.5 inches (3/4 off each end--which luckily still left enough threads inside it that I did not need to have it re-threaded). Also, you might have issues with Back Spacing on your rims. Everything else has been great so far with the arms. Here's a pic of mine. Stock ones on the right, bent ones on the left. Also, check out my thread on my SOA for more info on the arms and what not.


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