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Dec 9, 2007
has anyone ever done a SOA and not changed the front pinion angle and just used the bottom spring purches without chiming?
i have done a SOA with out changing pinion angle ( cut and turn, or c+t). i do however have a bj60 which uses a 4 cylinder diesel, and 5 speed which i think may give me more front driveshaft length. but if you use the stock sagging leafs you may be able to get away without the "C+T". lots of info if you use the search function.

how would you use the bottom spring perches with out shimming? first the perches have to be on top of the axle to do a SPRING OVER AXLE conversion, second if you did cut them off the bottom of the axle you could weld them wherever you wanted and at whatever angle, therefore removing the need for shims. however using either the lower perches or upper bolt saddles would be more time consuming and troublesome than buying a set of new ones at the 4x4 store or the dodge dealer.

i would suggest looking into the faq (frequently asked questions) section at the top of the 60 section, and using the search function to dig up some good reading material from other members who have already been through this. lots of good info here, just got to dig a little.
If this will go on the road just do it right and don't use the ubolt pad on top of the axle as a spring perch. A cut'n turn is really pretty easy and if you don't understand caster just read up a little so you understand what you are doing, then you can decide if you are going to need more caster with your setup or not. (I'd say it's important to cnt) A SOA can be stable on the highway but if corners are cut you probably won't enjoy driving it, not because it's SOA but because it wasn't done right. Remember, you're doing a little engineering here so understand what you are dealing with and you'll end up happy.

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