So what do I buy now...

Sep 16, 2004
Boulder CO
Just bought a fj60. Mostly stock. Has a good sized lift, so suspension is all done. That's great. Just bought:

Well worth $122 haha. So I will be getting the slide windows for the rear (gonna hold off since I need to order other stuff from thim too) and the side bars (which will have to be adapted.

I want to get a rear bumper with tire rack to make life better incase of a flat, but who offers a good bumper for the 60's like this. Kaymar looks nice and may be a option, but anything cheaper?

What else might I consider buying for a 84 fj60 that I may be unaware of.

Mike S

Aug 19, 2003
Field Service Manual.

Tune up and complete lubrication change to synthetic. Better shocks if needed.

Spare belts and hoses.

Kaymar is your best bet for a bumper. But think about how many times you will open the back of your truck with a swing away tire carrier to be moved each time, versus the inconvenience of lowering the spare the one time that you have a flat.

If you feel flush, get a 5 speed H55F tranny and new clutch installed.

I would say that the first three items are essential, the last two optional - to be done when you've driven your truck for a year or so, and figured out where you want to make changes.

Jun 28, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
I don't know what the status is on them, but the 4+ bumper for the 60 and 55 is an unreal piece of work. Makes the Kaymar look like a bubble gum wrapper. Man a fre lists it as "being re-designed" on their website. Serious piece of hardware at a serious price :D
Sep 19, 2004
Amarillo, Texas
Slee Sliders. Custom rear Q panel protection/rear sliders, integrated into whatever rear bumper you make or get. Aussie H41 grannyish low 4 speed from Specter. Wrangler MTRs. Me likey the front bumper.
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