So I removed the air pump belt...

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Mar 20, 2007
The last few times I started up Beatrice she squealed like a stuck pig. 1978 FJ40 in need of a new paint job:

So I looked under the hood and the air pump (?) was a bit out of line. Started to adjust it and remembered that someone told me once I had a "Kali emisisons package" on there and could remove most of it.

So I removed the belt and gave her a test drive - no problems.
So, can I just remove everything attached to the pump and plug any holes?
I'm not going to comment on the rest of the desmog - there's a bunch of threads on it in here, but if your smog pump did work before you pulled the belt, you can ruin it by driving it without one.

I did that, and exhaust gasses bled backwards through the the piping, and gummed up the pump. After about a month of driving without a belt - it was frozen solid.

Good Luck

You can get plugs for the air injection rail. Take off the rail, plug the holes, remove the air pump, plug the hole in the manifold where the ABV vacuum line went. Air Injection Reactor system is gone. Check out the de smog threads for the rest of the job, EGR, evap, spark control. HTH.
You can get plugs for the air injection rail. Take off the rail, plug the holes...

+1, Jim C. (FJ40Jim) sells a kit with all the plugs and caps needed for de-smogging cheap.

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