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so, I entered a contest to become a Co-Driver in a desert rally . . .

Discussion in 'LA- Louisiana Land Krewesers' started by DSRTRDR, Apr 11, 2016.


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    Jan 4, 2005
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    this is the contest:


    so, I figured: "why not ?" :hillbilly: :flamingo:

    apparently, I need "likes" to be in the running . . . so your help would be appreciated - please post on those sites :bounce:

    Thanks in advance, Claudia :cheers:

    Congratulations on being part of the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge, your photo has been posted! Your Direct Links:

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BowerMedia/photos/a.1122523657789726.1073741915.125714130804022/1122524071123018/?type=3&theater

    BITLY: http://bit.ly/1VjP4vP

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BEE9O51DQuA/?taken-by=bowermedia

    BITLY: http://bit.ly/1ViKo8U

    As a reminder… This is NOT a photo contest, and I have stated as much in the descriptions. This allows your friends, family and followers to tell us you are the best match to be my co-driver at one of these events. This is them Believing in You!

    -This piece will go from 12pm pst Monday to 12pm pst Friday.

    -We will be emailing you your direct links to both photos right after noon on Monday (give us a minute J we have to do the work!) You can watch the Bower Motorsports Media page on both Facebook and Instagram.

    -We will tally the “Likes” and “Positive Comments” from our Facebook and Instagram pictures posted. Final numbers will be logged on Friday.

    -Comment counts are to our discretion – one per person and must be positive in some direction. No negative or disrespectful comments will be counted.

    -Feel free to share your pictures to your supporters as you wish. Note, only the comments and likes on OUR ORIGINALLY POSTED PHOTO will be considered, not any of the shared posts.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!