So I bought an LX470

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Jan 16, 2022
I hadnt planned to buy one, in fact I intended to buy an 80 series, even with my reservations around parts availability. But then a few things happened, firstly I got outbid on 4 vehicles, many others were just unrealistically priced. I mean 60k for an 80? I was fully prepared to wait for the right vehicle, right until my daily driver decided to unceremoniously die a couple of weeks ago. Needing a vehicle to transport the kids, I had to move quickly, I missed out on a kakadu 100 series and landed on a 2004 lx470 with 240k km and only a few mods. First impressions? The 2uz sucks alot of fuel, Im also not keen on the satnav, otherwise its very good. Short term Im thinking of a headlight hid upgrade as seen on the forum, a sat nav delete and seat covers. Then roofrack, awning and some touring kit. Longterm if I keep the car, I will be looking into a diesel swap. I just need to work out the vsc. Id be interested in peoples opinions on 5 speed manual vs the 5 speed auto I have now as when I do an engine swap I want to consider the tranny.
I am considering nav delete as well however a lot of parts for LX right now are NLA.
I don't like android system on the car esp. with the AC control. Right now I just attached a bluetooth adapter to the radio and keep everything else as factory.
The issue with the 70 is, 20k more for a rough one, the ones I rode in arent that comfortable, plus the rear track needs correcting and Im not a fan of leaf spring rears. Coincidentally, I came across a 105 series manual rolling wreck with a good registerable chassis for 4k, so i could do a SAS and manual conversion in one hit if needed. Im not sold on the 5 speed auto yet, they seem expensive to make bulletproof. I saw the lx parts were nla, I was thinking the LC conversion or maybe just a vias adaptor.
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