So how hard do you have to blow? (1 Viewer)

Jun 18, 2004
Pacific Northwest
So for the last couple of months I have been enjoying code 71--thought I had it fixed as the light hasn't shown for over a month..... Below is a quote in faq

"You particularly want to check the hose that runs from the EGR, through the intake chamber and then to the vsv. Blowing through one end will tell you if it is blocked where is passes through the intake chamber"

So when I blow on it a little air gets through but not much.

1. My modulator is carbon free
2. Egr is the new fangled blue version w/ 45k--80 has 145k

So it sounds like it is either the VSV or the EGR temp sensor, or that I need to take off the head for a good cleaning--Just wierd that I haven't seen much carbon build up.

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