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What's it worth?

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  • $2500 - $4000

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  • $4000 - $6500

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  • $6500 - $9000

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That's not rust, it's Canadian patina...
Nov 11, 2005
~Kingston, ON, pero soñando de Panamá
Ok, I'm gonna post a few pics here of an '85 BJ70, LHD 12V I am considering. It's in BC, I'm in Ontario, so if I'm gonna get serious about getting this, I want to know if I should be.

From what I understand, the interior is perfect. I have been told that the rear springs are sagging a little - rear wheel arch /rocker rust as shown, but the rest of the body looks great, and the frame/underbody seems perfect. (holes in the rocker won't pass ontario safety so it'll need a bit of work)

"The crank seals leaking/sweating front and rear" - resulting in a spot the size of a toonie after a long drive - maybe a L every few months. Has just over 400K km on it - but I have a spare 3B with under 200K so I'm not crazy concerned about that.

So... my question to those of you in the know about the 70 series - where would you put the value of this cruiser at? I realize that it's worth what someone will pay for it - but at the same time - there is a ball park range. I want to offer an honest value of what this is worth - and be fair. I can weld, I can do body work - I'm not looking to get a "show stopper" out of this truck. I know that these can go for really high $$ when they are "cherry" - so I can budget a bit to put into this to get it closer. I'm not planning on making this a trail rig -it'll be my wifes DD (with a mild build) - if the deal can work it's way though.

Seller has had a few offers, but not what I would consider near their asking price. (and it's not sold yet AFAIK) I have a number in mind, but just want to see what other people think. (If you don't want to post your thoughts here, PM me)

landcruiser 002.jpg
landcruiser 003.jpg
landcruiser 007.jpg


Stop calling it a "FJ."
Feb 4, 2005
Seattle, USA
Hi All:

Well, from looking at the posted photos I'd hardly say that this rig has a "great body" or a "perfect frame."

Obviously, when we are speaking of CDM-spec rigs from the 1980s rust can be an issue! :rolleyes:

That said, I can't say that this rig is worth more than US$5000. IMHO.




Dec 21, 2003
Bay Area, CA
In the US, that would be worth in the $7500-8500 range despite the rust. In canada, with such good JDM vehicles, value would be much less.
Nov 6, 2004
Sooo, my 2 cents here.

I couldn't sell my slightly bumpy but rust free BJ70 with a rebuilt 3B and turbo for $6500 Cdn. That's my new benchmark. I wound up parting it and getting more than that.

I think a non turbo-ed non rebuilt 3B in a BJ70 with marginal rust should be no more than $5000 and likely around $3500.

Jun 14, 2006
Santiago, Chile. SA
Here in Chile, with that kind of rust you pay no more than USD4.000 or USD$4.500.

Thats because its dificult to replace that parts with stock parts and have to do a very artesanal job, and that is expensive.


post ho
Feb 10, 2004
Tara Ontario
"Wow, you folks don't like to step on toes! "

well, that ain't me.
first, the rust is bubbling through old body work so... how much and where is the rest of the body work installed?
the unit is from BC, from experience BC has good looking bodys with hidden rust in the rear.
400,000 and you have another 3B so what you are saying is : how much should i pay for a donor rig?
this rig is for your wife right. you really want to give here a POS that needs work?
IF this was going to be a bush pig then i would say $3000, chop out the rust and stick real armour on and wheel the hell out of it.
if you are going to all the work of repairing a body, replaceing the engine etc then why not buy a cheap JDM and swap it to LHD (easy to do right Craig?)
your budget is too low for a good LHD unit and when you take your budget and add all the work that will be needed to rebuild this truck you could get one from another country in much better shape.

that truck is tired
but it is your money and time.
Sep 6, 2002
Wayne is right, this truck has a LOT of rust in bad places. probably much more hidden in others. Considering the engine is on it's way out, the transfer will make noise with 400k, I bet the transmission makes nice noises shifting in third and probably pops out of 5th, I would not buy that at all, period.
Sep 28, 2002
Kamloops, BC Canada
I don't like to say what the value (sale price) of Land Cruiser is until I've had a much harder look at it. Some with 400K in them are great, and others are totally shagged.

I would not put much money into buying that unit. It's a $1000 parts rig to me, and I'd buy a JDM over it in a heart beat due to the lower mileage and better condition all-round of the JDMs.

Realistic street price, without seeing MANY more photos and actually crawling over/under/around the truck: $800 - $4,500 and I'd stick to the lower end of that.

Dec 29, 2006
usually somewhere in B.C.
After tearing into my BJ60, I found the rust you see is about maybe one TENTH of what there actually is. It still somehow has at least one frame plug in it on the passenger side rear, but I would be willing to bet it's still got a lot of salt/ sand/ moisture inside rotting away at it from the inside out. Check the doglegs in the frame ahead of the rear wheels, where everything typically congregates. The crossmembers, the fuel tank skidplate catches all the roadshite and rots the tank out. Check the filler area in the back passenger wheelwell, the rear roof, and the rear body crossmember that sits on the bodymounts. It's not nearly as bad as my old BJ70, but it's probably not satisfactory if you are a picky person like myself. I guess it depends what you want to do with it. If you're just going to wheel it then who cares, well...unless it's bad enough to rip a spring hanger off. Someone will probably pay 4ish for it. That would be my upper limit if I really had to have one for whatever reason.
Mar 1, 2005
I totally agree with Wayne

I wouldn't touch a rusty LHD 70 with a ten foot pole... I'm too much of a perfectionist to own a CDM spec!

and yet I do... sig

buy a JDM rig, and never look back!

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