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Club 4X4 Panamá
Apr 4, 2003
For you who love your SO conversion .. show me your shock option and mounts ..

here is what I do have in Tencha now .. but when loaded my shocks have almost nothing up travel ( like 2 inches or so ) so I or change for shorter shocks, or re do my mounts ..

the shock placement is the real issue with lifts and'll have to lower your axle end mounts to gain more room for stroke. you won't get too much more unless you cut into the cargo bay...
40 series guys bring the tops of long travel shocks closer together, but I think that messes up how they work. Looks like you have
room to lower the lower mount position about 4"? That is what I would suggest. You could put a go pro under there and record axle
flex under movement over some ditch crossings and stuff. I know we'd all like to see that video :hillbilly:
I side with redoing the mounts rather than getting shorter shocks. And yes, keep the shocks more vertical rather than angled.
Can you move the axle side shock mounting point closer to the bottom of the axle? That should give you some room.

What is the travel on those shocks you have David?
thanks for all comments .. those are 925509 so 10.25" travel .. ( not that much ) 25.74" extended and 15.49" compressed ..

I was trying to keep as clean as possible everything under my axle .. all under my axle it's a certified drag point ..

Can you guys share some pics of the lower shock mount are you using right now .. maybe I can weld some taps in the front of the axle ..
Another question SO related ..

Replacing my spring packs plates and U bolts ..

Which torque you set first and you re torque to the same point ..:?

mines are moved significantly inwards, ideal for flexing but not so great going down the road everyday. they are ranchos if I remember correctly
@Tapage , torque is 90-110ft/lbs IIRC. I usually do a cross-pattern. Never bother to make sure that I retorque in the same pattern.
That's the one I'm going to use on my setup. Obviously you can't straddle the u-bolt with this design, but it's double-shear, which I like.

they have plenty options .. I'm actually like .. I wanna order all .. :D
Another SO question folks ..

Why did you did with you front U bolt close to your 3rd member in your front axle .? ( pics )

thanks !

Nope, got rid of that when I did my SOA conversion.

And you did bushing for the center pin or you replace your spring perches .?

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