So close to an inspection but yet so far away

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Aug 28, 2007
Norfolk, Virginia
Ok, yesterday I posted up on my L turn signal not working and with a little sanding and wire brushing its good as new. As I said I was one turn signal away from having 1978fj40 inspected. When I got the turn signal operational I took it out for a spin, and it would stall when stopping. A little choke and we were up and running. Seemed like the more I ran it the stalling became less. Anyways today, I'm doing some last minute items to it, and it would not start with an open or closed choke. So off with the air cleaner to expose the carb, and yes it was getting gas. I pulled the plugs, cleaned and regapped them. Much to my dismay it turned over. I let it run for about 15 mins and shut it down. About a half hour later I went to start it again and it just wouldn't turn over. I was getting a great deal of back firing especially when I would pump the excelerator and turn the ignition. So she sits in the driveway ready to go but not tonight. I did rebuild the carb about two months ago using Pinheads youtube video,and had no prolems with starting it afterwards. Now after running it on the road last night, back to square one and no closer to my inspection if I can't get there.

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