SO CAL: 1994 80 For Sale 196k miles, $5k OBO

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REDUCED SO CAL: 1994 80 For Sale 196k miles, $3,500k OBO

EDIT: I have to get of my LC :crybaby: It's costing me money each month to sit here, and I have some wedding bills to pay for. Gonna try MUD one more time. PM me if interested, make me an offer.

Original Content of thread:
It's time to get rid of my 80. I've owned this since about 2002, or 2003. It's a 1994, but the registration reads "first sold in 95." I'm not sure exactly why this is important, but there might be to a perspective buyer.

It's in good shape, was my daily driver, but I have a company car now, a motorcylce and an FJ-40. One has to go and this is the obvious choice.

I was planning on craigslisting or putting it in the autotrader, but I'd rather see it go to someone on this forum if you are interested.

196,428 Miles:
runs well, it does have it's leaks, and every once in awhile the CEL has come on, but never long enough to diagnose.

Grey Leather interior:
Drivers seat has tears, but every other seat including the third row is in fantastic shape.

works excellent

BFG 305/70 R16's

Has a few dings, but the paint still shines when she is all clean and pretty.
ARB front bumper winch mountable.

I've attached images, but they are from my phone. Hope these will be ok. I also have more, but it says 3 pics max. I will try to respond to the thread with more.

If I'm missing any info feel free to ask me, pm me etc.

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are you considering trades?
the 94-95 issue would only be important if someone specifically wanted the 442 tranny over the 393..
Does it have the diff lock selector switch?
Well I know the valve cover leaks a bit just because the engine is dirty on the top. I don't have to constantly pour oil in or anything. No pools on the ground.

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