SOLD So Cal - 100 Series OME Lift with SPC Control Arms

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Jan 2, 2007
So Cal
United States
Decided to keep the kit.
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Not unless someone wants the rest of the pieces first.
$900. Can deliver to cruise moab.
Interested in the lot, but would need either shipping, or everything going to my buddy in San Diego for him to ship to me here. I currently Need UCA’s and torsion bars to replace the AHC undersized TB’s that were not replaced by the suspension shop that did the AHC delete on this LX470. Have OME nitro charger shocks all around already, and rear springs, but options abs spares in the middle of the pacific are a good thing... would you consider bixing and shipping?
Do you have the AHC parts for sale from your delete?
I have some parts on the truck. Unfortunately the previous owner had a half ass suspension shop remove the shocks and height sensors when the globes failed. They “disposed of” the parts before I bought the vehicle.The shop had little to no idea of what they were doing as they left the AHC undersized torsion bars, and the AHC pump, but they put 3” medium weight springs in the rear. Full stink bug stance; or as we call it the “Half ass lift”.

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