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Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
2" of snow in the front yard this morning. guess I won't be mowing today.
No snow here, Paul. Cold, though. Cold and rainy and windy and snowy yesterday, too. Did a bit of traveling. Found an old '60 in with a mess of junked cars. Not much left of it. Nabbed an Aisin hub from it; the owner sold it to me for cheap. I'll put it on the garage shelf and call it a spare!
i skinned big mtn yesterday, deepest day of 2010, 18" on top. one of the remote weather sensors in the jewel basin read 42" in a little more than 24 hrs! we just had lots of rain in town though.
Larry, any progress on your '40? Post up pics!
Had 6 inches in my front yard, all gone by noon.
Rigger, I have mostly been getting parts, got a 4 inch lift off of craigs list, got new quarters and floor pans for it, aprons and a front bib and some other stuff from Paul he is a great resource, I told the bride I would finish the chevy first, it's getting close. Maybe by the end of July, A little wiring and some more paint then lot's of assembly. I will put up some before and after when I find my camera, Larry
I finally drove my cruiser with a make shift linkage to the steering column. (fixing it soon) just had to drive it, being the first time since I got it home to Great falls. need the knuckles re-built and will do the axles while there in there. (seals and bearings) but have to pay some one to do it for I sold my house in a day adn I have 2.5 weeks to move out and get projects done. oh joy.
$400 a decent price for getting the axles re done and tie rod ends with me buying parts?

today we just have crazy wind
It's a day job for the most part, and a dirty one at that, for a shop to do that it's proably fair, I upgaded the brakes and rebuilt the knuckles for a guy for 500 and parts, but that was for both ends. included having the arms modified for the LC TRE, Larry
well I still haev to get the house painted, dry wall taped and mudded before painting that. PLUS move all my crap to a storage unit. and at that time I will no longer have a garage. and I really dont feel like doing it in the street since I will be garageless.

sucks, but that is how its rolling right now.

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