Snow wheelin' in Northern Utah

Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
Went wheelin' up Millville and Providence canyons two nights ago (Cache Valley, Utah). Went up Millville and almost made it up THE GIANT RUT in my 60 (no pics of the rut, but trust me--the rut is super deep and the trail is quite steep as well. Mike B was reachin' right out side the passenger window and makin' snowballs to throw at me...), but I ended up breaking a motor mount and the fan scrapin' the shroud was too much to allow my conscience to continue letting me attempt the rut... And the other two rigs with us couldn't even get up to the start of the rut... There was probably about 18-20 inches or so of snow on the road. Headed down and went up Providence canyon. Made it up on top of The Quarry but couldn't get much farther as it got SUPER steep and about 20-24 inches of snow or so and none of us had chains. Good times though. And I got to pull out a stuck Dodge Ram :D . I have to say that I am loving my MT/R's. I was only close to stuck once and I managed to get out without a tug. And for those who don't know, these trails get steep REALLY fast... Here's a few pics.

Jul 5, 2003
Central, Utah
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We haven't gotten enough snow down here yet. Looks like fun. Guess I'd better get the Yamahas out for the winter, eh? Put a pipe on my Phazer last year. Can't wait to see how much higher it'll climb now. Just need more snow. C'mon snow.

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