snow wheelin bad for snow shed

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Thanks Gar. I've posted that over on 4WDABC as this topic came up.
that is texactly the type of news we need to be on top of, it's nice that Global has decided to interview them and get their side as well. There will always be people against what we do but we need to show them (the way these guys do) that it's only a small percent that ruins it for the rest.
My $0.02. Good the media was fair in getting both perspectives. Problem is the interview with the club members kind of misses the mark as far as showing how they address the watershed managers concerns. The black/brown all over the snow is probably just ash from the bonfire and firewood debris, but to the guy watching out for water quality or the average person it looks bad.

I don't know the back story to this (Phil probably does?), but IMO because of the watershed thing, this is going to be a pretty tough battle. He says they came together about 2 years ago in consultation with MOF; thats a good thing since there is forestry in watersheds and they can demonstrate they comply with existing best practices. It might even come to some kind of management plan, with things like a spill response plan and training/materials to implement, pre-run inspections of the trucks, some measure of accountability, etc. It sucks but the environmentalist lobby is really strong these days, and backcountry motorized recreation looks redneck to the average city folk. I really hate losing access to crown land through closures, protected areas/parks, treaty lands, and all the rest of the 'deals' that take away from our public freedoms. Anyways, I'll stop my rant and get off my soap box now.
backcountry motorized recreation looks redneck to the average city folk.

So. The average city folk looks like a pencil neck dick head and you don't see me trying to ban them from throwing out their table scraps into the garbage instead of composting, using electronic crap and all those street lights and uping the AC cause they are hot that milk the power from the grid and then they want to shove a stupid extra damn in the peace river (not in their "beautiful back yard") to kill some natural environment that I like to spend time in with my motorized recreational vehicle. Damn Hippies! :hillbilly:

Just joking Martin, just thought it was funny you mentioning that for some reason redneck is bad.:hillbilly:
Good points Deny. But the 'pencil neck dick heads/hippies' ARE imposing their hypocritical ideals. Not saying redneck is bad, just percieved that way. s*** I want continued free access to crown land for wheeling, camping, hunting, fishing, as much as anybody else.

Was just saying the watershed or really any protected area boundary is going to be a problem, and unless they get it sorted with government/managers it's not going to get better for access. On the bright side done responsibly snow wheeling really is super low impact, so I think there is hope.

You guys have the proposed dam on the Peace River, we have hundreds of coastal creeks being sized up for run of the river power.
I know Martin, I just found how you worded that redneck was a bad thing funny. And really I personally find I am half hippy anyway since I recycle. Took me years to get my buddies up here to even take back their empties instead of trashing them. I think personally we create a smaller foot print on this land, but if all those overconsuming (non trash collecting and reusing) disposable society type people did what we did and lived how we do (Like taking the weekend to shut the power off and heading with a bunch of people around the campfire drinkin a few beer) there would be no areas for us to enjoy. So might as well suck it up and let the rat race city slickers keep trying to tell everybody what to do and conform to society's ideals and we'll just keep on keepin on. :hillbilly:

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