Snow Plow???

Mar 31, 2003
Phoenix Oregon
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land toy,
two things to consider.
1. frame rails
2. tranny
I have worked in auto body for a while now and have seen a lot of trucks with snow plow blades that have been on them for a while almost every one of them has a diamond in the frame. for you non frame types this is when one frame rail sits ahead or behind the other. also you have to acount for adding hydraulics for the blade andthe extra weight on the front of the vehicle.
as to the second point the tranny on snow plow rigs can expect to lose aobut half of its life due to the constant engagement of the torque converter.( think forward 20 feet back up.......) jsut my opinion here and it might sound like sacriledge but if you want to run a plow buy an old ford or chevy rust bucket and abuse it.
Mar 27, 2003
I have wondered this as well. I would think the cruiser would be an excellent plow truck with fulltime 4x4, not that I would do it, but with the heavy duty OEM springs in front (no bull bar and winch). Any truck with a plow on it is definetly going to shorten its life, but I still think it would do really well.

Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
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Yes, its a SIN to snow plow an 80.
I saw a poor guy sitting along the freeway with steam comming out from under his hood.
He had a new cleal blade snow plow on the front of his 80 and it was in the 40's that day. He found out the hard way that you need to postison the blade so you get air thorugh the rad.
Beware when buying a used vehicle with or had a blade on it.

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