Snorkel Idiocy

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Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
I debated posting this, as I'm embarrassed, but I still need to get this done so here it is. I am *stumped* by the ARB snorkel installation. How do I connect the snorkel to the air filter? Do I have to remove the whole fender? The fender skirt? The inner fender? There are no openings by which to access the snorkel's "mouth" once the unit's mounted to the fender, how do I connect it to the air filter? I'm clueless, the generic Safari installation instructions are worthless.

The source of my embarrassment is that this isn't my first snorkel install, or my third. I've done 60s and 80s before, but this is the first time I encounter a completely sealed fender.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something really obvious here?

Thanks in advance.
From what I gather, yes, you've got to remove the inner fender skirt. You have to remove the power antenna, that's the only way to get to it. From there I'd guess you connect the elbow that comes in from the snorkel body to the airbox using the tubing they provide. Be prepared to just break the plastic tabs that hold the skirt in. I just ordered more from the dealer, it was under $8 for a dozen.

As always, measure twice (or more). The 100 snork hole is a bigun'.
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Yep - take the fender skirt/wheel well cover off. You can then access most of the area needed from below. Trunk Monkey is right you'll destroy all the clips to put the cover back on - but they are cheap. Just try not to rip the holes where they go back into the cover you remove. The plastic is not very thick.

There are also one or two bolts on the cover you have to remove - near the bottom-rear of the wheel well.

I finally just re-installed my cover. The previous owner took it off when they installed the snorkle - I put it back on 3 years later.
Just today i was debating on getting one or not.... its awful tempting. Looking at prices and figuring out the install.

Exiled: post pics of the install!. Good luck.
One of my favorite mods to my truck. I think it really does have merit and value. No I don't cross too many rivers in the 100 - but I do travel hundreds of miles of dusty dirt roads each year. Most times with another Cruiser I'm following or traveling with. The snorkel provides cleaner and some argue cooler air.
Thanks, folks, I can't tell you how I felt, staring at the stupid fender with the template taped, the hole saw ready! I'll try again next weekend, I'll see if I can order some of those plastic clips, they did look pretty flimsy.

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