Snorkel for weber-any ideas

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Jun 25, 2003
Rixeyville, VA
I have a weber carb(32/36) on my 2f. i hated the air cleaner setup it had so i bought from TPI4x4 a snorkel kit for the weber. its basically a plenum and i was supposed to make a snorkel out of it. instrad i ran some tubing toward the front of the engine and through a cone air cleaner on it to make it work. i think i am going to try to make a snorkel out of the whole thing. my problem is i willl have to have the air cleaner at the top. i need some type of box to put around it to keep rain water out...any ideas?
run it in to the glove compartment and you don't need to make a box! Haven't put mine there yet, but it is going to go. If you're in that deep you've likely got water/electrical issues before the air intake comes in to play.

Drilling a 2 1/2 inch diameter hole in the firewall to get to the glove box doesnt sound to appealing. also how would that work. i mean how could it get air from inside there?
Thye glove box is hardly air tight and I've seen a couple with this already... 3 or 3 1/2 inch hole through the firewall. If air flow turned into a problem I'd probably just open up the bottom of the glove box a little more. I'll snap some pictures of one, but that will likely be a couple weeks from now. If you're still curious at that point I'll post or send you some images.


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