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Dec 23, 2005
In Between Worlds
I have a buddy overseas who has a snorkel cap (off a 70 I think) that he'll sell to me. I was wondering what the advantages were with having this kind of cap over the traditional head. Anyone have any comments? Heres a pic: landcruiserjunky
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That is off of a 70 stock setup. I believe they have a way of dust filtering instead of just being a ram type. I'm not positive, but they are cool looking and if you don't want it PM me I'll take it..:)
Maybe I can find a couple if others are interested. It's costing me about $120 with shipping. Wish it was half that, but you pay for coolness I guess:frown:

No expert here but it looks to me like it employs some kind of centrifugal filtering like the centrifugal pre-cleaners sold by MAF and in Oz for the Safari snorkels.
I was in the US AirForce way back in the 1980s and mounted on the jet engine intakes of our Sikorsky H-53s was something called EAPS. Eaps stood for Air Particle Seperator System. In essence, this was the only system to use centrifical action though a series of 100 centrifical inlets on the sides of the air intake system. A vacume motor near the rear of the Eaps would suck the paticles though a mid chambered air inlet chamber and allow the air to contine to pass into the engine in the absents of no particles. All these modern day vacumes use this same principle.

This invention was created out of nessesity in the early 1970s to keep sand out of the engine while flying into sand storms ect. Ohh and it is also very loud when the system is running.
BTW like that top part of your snorkel cap. Someday when I buy a 74 series might have one of these installed.
Other question would have to be:
Does a snorkel really make any difference?
Suit your application? Any gains? Does it look "cool" enough for you?
I know some of the mods out there are just not "cool" enough to have on my rig. Or, maybe its the other way around.:lol:

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