Snorkel: ARB's new and old one?

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new one on top and old one on bottom

Okay, so should I rest relatively assured that I'd be getting the `new' one when I purchase? How can I be sure? I may just call Christo that'd be my assurance anyway :D
New one is rounded and fits around antenna better so you don't need to heat a pipe and roll it.

Bolts are easier to reach.

Very top is rounded which is not as good for GPS antenna mounts.

Hole sizes are bigger, slightly.

New one is better simply because that's what I have. :flipoff2:
there are different part numbers, but yes Christo knows which is which. I didn't keep the part numbers. Too long ago now.
why you got two snorkles laying on the ground to take a pic of ???

Do you buy them to play field hockey with, or are you going to install one or both of them? :flipoff2:
Old ones are no longer available. All you will get is the new one. Bolts are not easier to get on, but it does have an extra stud in front of the hole that goes through the fender. It stops the front of the snorkel from pulling away from the fender
Concrete - I got one for your momma. Look at them again and tell me with a straight face she wouldn't dig it. :flipoff2:

Actually when I got mine, I was told by ARB that I had gotten the first new style in the country. So I had ordered both of them since no one had a good pic of the difference. I then sold the old style to a dude in CA that stiffed me :mad: Sent him some other stuff too. That's the only time I've ever had that happen from anyone with cruiser stuff (excluding the troll at cornhole connection and some guys that took like 1 year too long to finish an unfinished product).
Yup Slee and Junk are on the mark (as always)...

The SS81HF is the current and correct model for the US, not that the old ones were too difficult to make work. ARB had a few of them left during the transition but I'm sure those have been gone for a long time...

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