Sneaky clutch fluid leak

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Apr 19, 2012
Southern Ohio
Hi all, I have an 87 FJ60 with the 2f engine. A few weeks ago my fiancee calls me and says it will not go in gear, lol which could mean about anything in girl talk. After figuring out exactly what she meant I sent her a pic of the clutch fluid reservoir, as I am out of town on work, and told her to check the fluid level. It was bone dry. I made it back home and checked under the hood and didn't see any signs of a leak anywhere so I chalked it up to clutch wear, filled it and bled the line. It worked great and stayed full for like a week of daily driving. Here it is about three weeks later of sitting in the driveway and its dry again. My question is where is it most prone to leaking at? It seems to me its the reservoir leaking as it only manages to go dry after sitting for a while but I didn't see any signs of leakage anywhere under the hood. Thanks for any suggestions
Check the firewall inside of the car. The master cylinder rod connects to the pedal inside. There is a seal that can fail. I know because I have the same thing. Just a possibility :)
It may not drip in your driveway because it may only leak when under pressure. But, as mentioned above, pull back the carpet and check the footwell side of the firewall. or peel back the rubber dust boot on the slave cylinder and see if it's full of fluid.
Thanks guys, I'll check the inside and the slave boot. it seems like it isn't loosing any fluid until it sits for a while, which is puzzling to me. It went full for a week of driving then empty after a week or two of sitting. Might be a while before I'm back in town but i will post my results.

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