Snapped my muffler mounts...

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Mar 27, 2003
I was under the truck on the weekend 'lubing my drive shaft(s)' ;) and noticed that I seem to have snapped two muffler mounts. This is likely damage from some recent off road trips (and added encouragement for Slee Sliders).

One if near the cats and the second is at the forward end of the muffler itself. What do I do? Can I grind them down to bare metal and have a shop weld them?

Cheers, Hugh
Are you talking about the rubber mounts? Those are replaceable. I've broken a few of those. The only pain is getting them to line up.
That's where they break. Mine was exactly the same way after 115k. More like rotten off than actual breaking. I bought a borla, new rubber mounts and hardware. 2 hours tops and call it done! Of couse you can continue to drive the thing until it takes down the cat system and bumps the repair bill skywards
No, it's not the rubber. I'll try and take a pic in the next few days and post. The steel has cracked almost right at the muffler.

Cheers, Hugh
if it is in the steel it can be welded (insert tim the toolman style grunt here)
shouldnt be a big deal mine has rusted/cracked off of the muffler mount and a few seconds with the mig and it is back on again.
Mine was the same way (cracked) when I bought it. Stopped by a very small muffler shop, an old man welded it, and charged me $2.

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