SMORR run May 16th

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Jan 5, 2005
Rogersville, Mo.
I am going to SMORR Saturday May 16th with a few of the Gateway Cruisers. Any of you that want are welcome to come out and play.
I was down there for Howiepalooza Apr 24th, I would love to go back already.

Awsome park you have there in your back yard!

I have to wait till GATOR! :cheers:
I was out there Friday morning riding shotgun with Woody.
I got there Fri afternoon.

I wish I could have had a guide also, our trail guide for the night run broke turned around and left us for dead. Didn't know where he was going till he was gone.

We had one guy with a map, we made it back to camp an hour and a half later.
Sorry to hear that. Let me know next time your down and I will be glad to show you around. My truck was apart so I didnt end up there for the event. Just had a little time to kill Friday morning. Easy to get turned around there
I saw on their website there's a MOROC even there on the 16th. Does that create a conflict? or is that a seperate area of the park. Plus i read they are only open on certain weekends. 2nd and 4th or something like that. What are their actual hours of operation if the website isn't current.
Rain has killed me for that weekend. I have to be in KC for 2 days to do 4 soccer games. The weekend after Memorial would be fun if it open.

They are open during those races, but it will take up some of the park. They are open all day and night if your payed. You can stay as late as you want. They lock off the camp ground around 11pm. They wont rescue you after 12pm.
Time to build a front driveshaft...... I wanna play!!!!

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