Smokey `F` engined FJ40

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Dec 9, 2003
My 74 FJ40 is smoking pretty bad on tick over,white smoke, it clears when you put your foot down so I guess its valve guides/stem seals, Its an `F` 3.9 LTR,# F566889 engine and my question is , dose it have seperate brass guides or do the valves run straight in the head? if its brass guides dose anyone have the dimensions so I can get some made up,or dose anyone have Toyota part numbers for both the Guides and seals?
Thanks in advance.
Are you SURE that's what it is? Are you losing any coolant? MAKE SURE its just a valve guide problem before tearing the head off. But, then again, you'll be putting a new HG in anyway. At any rate, make sure you properly diagnose the problem before tearing into it. A compression and leak down test are recommended before going to far.
Youre right, Ive just compression tested it and all are 120-130 psi apart from one cyl which is 50psi , guess ill seat the valves and change the guide seals while the heads off though.
Did you check the compression "wet" on that cylinder? Put a bit of oil (a couple of tablespoons or so) into the cylinder, and test the compression again. If the compression comes up to par, you've got bad rings. If not, then its the valves (burnt valve maybe?)

For your sake I hope its valves! Although re-ringing a piston isn't too hard. Just more work!
hey john the toyota part #s are 90913-02017 for the seals and 11122-61011 intake guides and 11126-61011 exhaust guides all are available from toyota It depends on where you are as to how quickly your dealer can get them im in virginia and my warehouse doesnt stock them most are out west :cheers: good luck
Toygeek & Cruiserhead ,thanks for the info, I thought 120-130 psi [dry cylinders] was OK?
Seasons Greetings.
Generally, all cylinders should be within about 10 percent or so of one another. 150 is Normal pressure. 120 is not.
For a well-worn motor, 120-130 is *relatively* normal. I'd be look into a rebuild though at that stage. That being said, many motors have run for a long time like that. But that cyl with 50 has either a ring, head gasket, or valve problem. Did you test it wet yet?
Mine is within 10 of 120 at all cylinders. Runs like a champ, no plans to rebuild any time soon.
Im now sure its the head gasket,[drinks water!] have orderd a top set and will pull the head when it arrives.
Thanks to you all for advice and info,especially cruiserfish for the part numbers, my Toyota dealer could not find them![Im in the UK] .

PS. Dose anyone have a list of common OE part numbers which covers the 74 `F` engined cruiser? like I said im in the UK and main agents are not very helpfull and pattern spares just aint available.

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