Smog Pump Wobble - How long until the inevitable?

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Jan 6, 2009
San Diego, CA
So, my smog pump started the death rattle and I decided to replace it with a Cardone from NAPA since I am up for the CA smog test this month.

I couldn't get the belt tight due to the Cardone hose routing and steering gearbox placement, so I gutted my old pump and put the Cardone insides into the old shell without much of a hassle. It blows and sucks and all that good stuff, but the pulley has a wobble to it. It looks like the shaft is slightly bent or I bent the pulley backing plate while trying to pull it from the shaft.

Do any of you bearing experts have an idea how long I have before the pump seizes? I'd really like to put some miles on the truck before pulling that pump out again.

You're fine until running late for something important, wearing nice clothes, you're broke, and it's a sauna outside.
I had a spare 20 minutes and pulled the pulley. It's either the shaft or the backing plate that's bent. My money is on the shaft. I still have the guts from the original pump and will probably just replace the shaft and hope for the best.

Just like every other time I've grabbed the wrenches, once I started pulling parts, I keep going. I wonder what will get replaced this time...
Maybe it's just a bearing, which are all are available and easy to replace. I'd take it apart before it destroys the case.

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