smog pump pulley

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Dec 2, 2009
West Virginia
I know I read this on another thread but cant seem to locate it. I have a desmog 60 and want to get rid of the smog pump.

Two questions.
1. Anyone know where I can buy just the pulley and perch?
2. Does this help performance at all? I imagine it would free up a little resistance
To the first: yes. FJ40Jim (Jim C) sells them on the forums here. Head towards Vendor's Market (then Merchandise Storefront) at the top. There's also a seller on eBay that sells a unit.

To the second: theoretically, yes. Realistically, hell no.
I had Jim's product on my I-6 before I swapped engines... well made. I think I had to come up with a couple of extra bolts or something to install it (no big deal)

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