smog pump froze up

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Jan 5, 2009
Albany Ga
my smog pump is froze up ive done the desmog process but have not replaced the pump and it finally froze on me can i simply get a shorter belt and if so what size i need a quick fix since my duramax is been in the shop since april 1 getting a new motor
Can't just cut out the smog pump; it tensions the belt for the water pump, which is a must-have! You can reroute belts and lose power steering for a short while if you need to, I think you use the alternator belt for that, just gotta run it to the water pump as well. I'm far from an expert, but just went through this this weekend. Ended up adding an '84 Camaro alternator where the smog pump was. If you have some time I think that is a cool option, but I'm sure you can find a better fitting alternator. Mine works but is not really set up to my liking yet; need to fab some brackets or something.
the smog pump is the tensioner for that belt so a shorter belt wont work. You can get a new belt to drive the alternator and water pump and bypass the power steering pump for while.

beat me to it!
i was reading some other post about knoking out the vanes on the smog pump is this a option if it is froze up and how do i get ahold to jim c to get a pulley from him
you can gut the smog pump easily and use it as a belt tensioner, when you take it apart check the bearings to see how long they will last
I devaned mine about a month or two ago; bearings gave up last week. Guess I shoulda checked them better before putting them back in. Of course I have the common cruiser perk of the leaking ps pump so I'm sure that didn't help
its super easy to devane it

mines been devaned for more than a year now

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