smelling antifreeze ?

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Jan 18, 2009
I have been smelling antifreeze from under the hood after i warm the engine up, it is not running hot and i cannot smell it on the inside so i have ruled out the heater core. I cant find anything leaking under the hood, the smell seems to be stronger on the drivers side of the hood. this is a 1999 lc with 87000 miles on it, i dont know if the water pump has been changed, i have had the vehicle since 81000. I do plan on changing the timing belt and water pump soon. it isnt loosing that much antifreeze, I filled the overflow container to the full mark and drove it on a 1000 mile trip over the weekend, when i checked the level it was exactly at the low level mark when i returned, can anyone give any trouble shooting advise. I did the starter contacts myself just before I started smelling this antifreeze, I didnt touch any of the cooling system parts, and I torqued the intake manifold to spec with a snap-on torque wrench.
could be but shouldn't be the water pump or thermostat. No leaks on the ground beneath? May have to remove under engine cover and front skid plate and look for accumulation there. Maybe a crack in the overflow reservoir. At best, it's a loose hose clamp. It will finally show the absolute worst time, probably.
Thanks for the advise I found the leak by removing the engine cover like you said, it was seeping antifreeze from the coolant bypass at the rear of the engine. it appears to be a cast aluminum housing that has a aluminum pipe that is pressed into it which is several inches long, it is leaking around where the pipe is pressed into the housing. I believe I will take this housing off, there is only 4 bolts holding it on and mix up some Devcon plastic steel and reset the pipe, are you familiar with this part? or have a better idea on how to repair? Thanks
I think something like these would be better than the epoxy-steel.

ThisLoctite 609 Retaining Compound looks like the right stuff to me.


or this Permatex 60910 10ml Bearing Mount For Close Fit


Was your starter recently worked on ? It's easy to lean on that pipe when working on the starter.
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