Smell diesel exhaust inside HJ60...

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Oct 26, 2010
Ontario, Canada!
When I'm going 80-110 km/h (around 60mph?) in my HJ60 and have the window(s) down, I can smell diesel exhaust. It's like being behind a bus. Does this make sense? I don't think the exhaust is actually blowing-backwards in the wind at those speeds which leads me to believe that maybe there's an exhaust manifold leak?

Has anyone else experienced this issue before? I don't see any exhaust and sitting idle doesn't smell much, if at all. Maybe it's over-fueling also?...

Thanks for any ideas!
Check the seals around your tail gate, because as you drive at high speeds with your windows down it creates the "venturi effect" whitch means that air is being sucked out your windows not being forced in, thus creating a vacume in your truck. Air is then sucked in to the truck through any gap or leaking seal, ie tail gate seal with diesel fumes mixed in from dead air behined the truck.
I have noticed the same effect at highway speeds in my '78 BJ40. My Rear cab seals are all tight although I am certainly getting a good amount of exhaust in the cab until I roll up the windows.

I dont have transmission/transfer case "inner boots" so I notice that the upper boot (that is actually inside the cab) swells at higher speeds. I am thinking that I may have a manifold or exhaust flange leak.

I recently disassembled the entire exhaust system from manifold back and redid all the seals to no avail, so I am thinking it might be before that?:confused:

I can confirm the ventri affect above, but have found that the kick vents are immune given the direction that they face, if you are looking for a temporary solution to dilute the exhaust.
Just an FYI that chronic exposure to diesel exhaust if very very damaging, Many times more then car exhaust. In addition to all the benefits of carbon monoxide poisoning, you can get lou gehrig disease and a ton of neurological and respiratory disorders.This is very harmful to young children, the most vulnerable being the ones in mummies tummy.

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