small radiator leak - 97 fzj80

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Aug 22, 2009
I am chasing down a small radiator leak in a '97 fzj80. The leak is coming from the bottom; the underside of the bottom tank is wet. The system leaks down about 3 psi an hour at 7 lb. At 14 psi it leaks down about 1 psi in 5 plus minutes. It is not the bottom main hose, it is dry.

This has apparently been consistent for the last few months. I noticed I had to replace fluid in the reservoir every month or so.

1. Is this likely a radiator failure or is there something else down there that can leak.
2. The fan shroud looks at though it is held in by bolts at the top and slide in clips at the bottom. Is this correct. Thanks Dan
Mine is leaking from stress cracks. I soldered up a bunch but more popped up.
Saving up for a new radiator. Till then I keep an eye on it and carry coolant with me just in case.
Your right about the mounting for the shroud. Only things at the bottom that can leak are the lower hose fitting, the drain cock, and the tank to core seal. Sounds like it is the tank seal. I have also seen the lower tank crack right next to the seal base. Only way to tell for sure is to pull it. Kind of a pain, but better to fix now than have it fail on the road/trail. I am about to change mine out too. I have helped do several and it is never fun. John

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