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Feb 5, 2013
Vancouver B.C. Canada
so my fj has been sitting for about a month without moving. Went to reposition it in the driveway today and something felt wrong. Turns out the rear passengers side wheel isn't moving. All others move fine. I amsuming this is caused by a possible seized break on that side. Am I correct or is there something else that could be the problem. It's an 07 6MT

More likely ice on the rotor or in the caliper, or in the emergency brake drum, but impossible to tell without seeing it in person.
Hmmmm...... I'll have to take a closer look.
x2. Might break loose, but I wouldnt risk damaging the diff or something. May need to pop the wheel off and see if its the disk or drum. Did you leave the parking brake on??
Yes I did leave it on. Felt different when I released it.
Haven't been able to fix it yet. Working lots and it's dif to access the wheel with the problem (not enough room and gonna be a challenge) but will get around to it at the end of the month. Will post update after I crawl under her to investigate.
My bet is the emergency brake. I was taught in Canada to NEVER use emergency brake during the winter.
Our winters have been so mild recently that it never has been a problem. But it's a lesson learned
I had a S-10 blazer that I let sit for a month with the ebrake on. When I put it in reverse it didn't have enough power to move it. I Knew it would break loose in forward, problem was that there was a car parked in front of me. It was a hell of a release and slam on the brakes.

So the question is, have you tried in Reverse or forward or both?

Oh yeah this had nothing to do with cold on mine. This was not winter and I live in Virginia
I did try both forward and reverse. Fj moved but wheel doesn't. Just dragged along. I only moved it a foot or two, that is as far as I need it to go at the time. I'll be putting effort into addressing the issue after Easter as I just don't have the time.
Our winters have been so mild recently that it never has been a problem. But it's a lesson learned

do you get winter in Vancouver ... by now I assumed the golf clubs would be out ... lol ... not quite, I know ...
Most years we get maybe 2-3inches of snow and see tempatures as low as -10c. But this "winter" the lowest it got was -5c

So.... No we don't get winter.
got under the fj today and hit a few things with a rubber mallet, a large amount of dried mud fell out. got the fj to move with a little extra use of the skinny pedal. guess i have to wash her more thoroughly .

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