small problem with rear air suspension ......

Dec 11, 2018
08, GX470, 135K miles ,regular chicago rust ....
first symptom happen on the way to sunday church , bumpy road , i try to move suspension UP or HI , but no luck.
today (monday) its VERY VERY bumpy , impossible to drive .

tests i did :
frame resting on bump stops , i can feel some air left in air bags ( just by squishing )

engine on , AC off , switch to LO = i can hear relay/solenoid green light blinks in LOW position, suspension down

switch to NEUTRAL again relay/solenoid, light blinks in neutral position, suspension down

switch to HIGH , compressor WORKING !!!! for 10 second and stops , light go solid green on HI position , suspension down...

i did one more test ....
while compressor kicks on , i lift body using floor jack , compressor stops right away ....suspension down after removing jack ...
little help please :frown:
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